Yujin Jung

(South Korea)

Yujin Jung is born in Seoul, Korea and work as visual artist in London. She completed her undergraduate degree in Goldsmiths College, Fine art. Jung’s works span from experimental video installation to performative live sculpture. Her fundamental aspect of practice in art begins with observation of social spatiality and those of personal perception. She begins her work with walking in city, observing and capturing how object and people are function. Moreover, this progress derives her to identify physical and internal body with ordinary machine. Her main interest is deconstructing, reproduction - or sometimes mimic - mechanical system and deliver message of illusional reality. Also she expects to provoke people to feel how their substance/ individuality are fragile through consideration of relationship between in/external body and digital world. The works are continuously evolving from image reality and vision sense but the focus begins mainly to remain on ontological question about our sensory and perception and imponderability of it through various way of using materials.