Narae Jin

(South Korea)

My works vary from site-specific installation/performance to cut-and-paste-writing, and many of them start from the question "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?". I take it as an ontological question and try to find the answer in ‘between’ people.

A person’s being in a way is formed by social interactions, (mis)communicating, guessing, creating memories and stories, and it is always a guess wide of the truth since our bodies are never one and nobody can really understand the other. I sometimes take a method of   what I call ‘collage writing’ which is to ‘cut and paste’ existing text/image materials or stories, to create(or let others create) a real/false being/stories. And it lets me blur the line between reality/imaginary, non-fiction/fiction, objectiveness/subjectiveness.

As a flâneur and a collage-writer, I am fascinated by stories on news and life stories that are more like fiction than real and often inspired by encounters and findings on the streets, such as religious fanatics, hawkers in trains selling all kinds of peculiar things with outrageous performances, homeless people who occupied underground of Seoul Station, and the desperate graffiti of former inhabitants on the walls of construction sites. Also as a member of ETC, an arts collective, I practice interdisciplinary art in/about social sphere and urbanism.

* ETC is an arts collective established by Bokyung Jun, Narae Jin, and Saem Lee in 2012. ETC is an imaginary enterprise of temporary consensus that views social phenomena from a viewpoint of a marginalized artist and provides an ‘art service’ from a mixed perspective of fiction and reality. By proposing an artistic perspective, we intend to add a new dimension on the social structure by stimulating and enriching people’s imagination in their everyday life.