Ian Jehle


IAN JEHLE is curating an exhibition titled: Lumber: the allure and the aesthetics of construction .The exhibition focuses on artistic practices that utilize the language and aesthetics of construction in ways that speak to the strange allure that buildings under construction have over us. Themes in the exhibition include: construction as language, construction as story, and construction as the embodiment of our social and political worldview.  The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalog essay about the larger philosophical and social themes that underlie how we experience “new” and “renovated” buildings including the meanings of concepts such as: improvement, community, and personal well-being.
The exhibition will be presented during Berlin Art Week - 13-17 September, 2023

Working at the intersection of visual arts, philosophy, and mathematics, Canadian-born artist Ian Jehle employs the concept of play. His often large-scale projects utilize algorithms, puzzles, and live events where attendees are invited to create works of art by following a simple set of rules.

Jehle combines his engineering experience with his artistic practice by using construction materials and applying the visual language of diagrams, maps and 3D visualizations. Moreover, he sees the worlds of science, philosophy and art as deeply entwined with overlapping methods of inquiry, all of which form the basis of his work.