“Alef Bet الف-بيت אלף-בית “ \\ “The Tish” - Yonatan Kunda

Yonatan Kunda ( Israel )

During my residency at ZK/U I will work on a multi-lingual poetry performance and album called “Alef Bet الف-بيت אלף-בית “ - which explores the world and words of the traditional Jewish Musar Literature (written originally in Hebrew, Arabic and Yiddish).
The project is inspired by the traditional Jewish form of study and music called “Tish” (in Yiddish literally “The table.”) In Hasidic traditions, Tish refers to the community’s meeting around a festive table—for study, meals, and music.

The project seeks creative ways this ancient literature can meet diverse present day audiences, and the impact it can have on modern day religious, social and political action. An attempt to interweave ancient texts with new rhymes, rhythms and grooves – bringing together around the same table languages and oral traditions of different cultures: Torah study, Diwan, Piyut, Nigun which meet Rap and Spokenword poetry.

This residency is part of an ongoing creative research into the way rap, hip-hop and spoken-word echo the traditional forms of poetry created by and serving prayer and spiritual communities—in the Jewish tradition and around the globe.


MusArt scholarship program - Hamburg University \ Emmy Noether Project

MusART is an artist-in-residence program developed by the Emmy Noether Junior
Research Group “Jewish Moralistic Writings (Musar) of the Early Modern Period:
1600–1800” and funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).