Genius Loci - Marta Fumagalli Riccardo Pirovano - Jukai collective

Sonar, Berlin 2020 © Jukai

Marta Fumagalli Riccardo Pirovano - Jukai collective ( Italy )

Genius Loci is a project of artistic research on the cityscape. The subject is ‘urban transition and new identities’.  It focuses on those spaces of the city that, born with a precise intent of use, have acquired their own identity thanks to unexpected social interaction, as well as those marginal sites that have been left aside and become undefined in the absence of human activity.

Jukai at ZK/U will explore Moabit district and its surroundings studying the spontaneous and uncontrollable transformation processes that re-characterizes seemingly neglected and anonymous places of that island, as non-places and uncultivated glimpses. The aim of the project is to identify some of those 'transformed' or 'in transition' places and micro-places in which intervene through site-specific actions of artistic redevelopment and enhancement, involving residents and territorial associations.  The assumption is that every place has its own ‘genius’, i.e. an identity spirit, referring to the Latin concept of ‘genius loci’ that attributed a guardian deity to each place. 


Rote Insel, Berlin 2020 © Jukai
Berliner Luft, Berlin 2020 © Jukai
SwingSwing, Fonderia Napoleonica, Milan 2019 © Jukai
Movingwoodenjoists, Monsuperkilometre, DAK’ART 2018. L'heureRouge (Senegal) 2018 © Jukai
Imbarcadero delle milizie, Milan 2016 © Jukai
Geogenia, I-Bart, Miyazu (Japan) 2015 © Enzo
Infrazione, Milan, 2014 © Jukai