Project at ZK/U - Andrea Liu

Andrea Liu ( United States )

While at ZK/U she will work on Theory Monster and The Impossibility of Cowardice

Theory Monster: A performative lecture and dance insurgency. People entering into the space will receive post-structuralist fun packs which will activate an onslaught of “theory tidbit performative modules” from the Theory Monster. The evening will be divided into three parts: (1) Greatest Hits of Postmodern Theory (2) Queer Mutiny and (3) Occupy Wall Street punctured by periodic outbursts of dance insurgency.

The Impossibility of Cowardice: In our late capitalist postmodern era, there is no longer any opportunity to be a coward. Cowardice is an anachronism, conjuring up 18th century Victorian novels of men challenging each other to a duel to prove their honor. In the late capitalist postmodern era, there is no anterior history of dystopia, revolutionary failure, melancholia, that preceded the state of cynicism—cynicism is the starting point, not the result of failure or loss anymore. With the fragmentation of the subject, the onslaught of spectacle, the replacement of agency by consumption, the end of history as teleological progression, our late capitalist terminal condition is such that there is no longer a field of moral action in which we could choose to show either courage or cowardice.