Project at ZK/U - Julia Masagão, Andrea Bandoni, Vapor 234

Julia Masagão, Andrea Bandoni, Vapor 234 ( Brazil )

We are participating of the program UrbanXChanger, which aims to develop new architectural and urban practices based on the experiences of community initiatives. It involves the exchange of experiences between professionals from São Paulo and Berlin, with the aim of creating new urban planning strategies, exploring how urban knowledge and social intelligence from one city may be transferred to the sociocultural fabric of another city, and also enabling community initiatives to benefit from fresh ideas that may support them in overcoming their local challenges.

Because the first part of our project (September, in São Paulo) involved urban gardening and income generation in the suburbs of the city, we will specially address this subject in our project.

For the urbanxchanger project we are working together with Alex Romer and Pieter Grandry from ConstructLab.