Plenum der Junge Akademie-ADK - Rafael Nassif

Rafael Nassif ( Brazil )

A composer deals with what we (can) hear. In this perspective, also the spoken words from the daily life could be taken as a material for the composition. Specially the different moods of talking and their specific speeds, intensities, "melodies" and "rhythms" are fonts of inspiration for me. In the moment I am hearing an audio documentation from 13 young artists from different countries talking about their work, discussing art and trying to develop a project together (Plenum der Junge Akademie-ADK). My main interest is to transform the original dated and local situation to a more universal meaning, musically as to say, just by cutting/pasting. During my stay at the ZK/U I will develop this work as a sound installation (working Title: "die sitzung" / "the meeting"), which is my main project for the AgoraArtes 2015 (Academy of Arts, Berlin).

This Residency was made possible thanks to Junge Akademie of Akademie der Künste Berlin.