Jan Körbes

31 Jul 2013 - 4 Jul 2016

Jan Körbes (Germany)

As a contraposition to the standard perception of architecture and as a reaction to a dynamic life as garbage architect and international 3D troubleshooter, I developed a dynamic and mobile living structure from a grain silo and a selection of local waste materials. Various simple but logical technical systems enable the silo to be almost independent of civilization, e.g. the shower which works on 5 liter circulated water. In order to look from a different angle at the standard way of living, I started to live with my daughter in the experimental house, which we moved to Berlin at the end of july 2013. The 'silo city' project in Berlin questions the general dynamics in housing and public space, inviting contrasting groups of society to experience the other side of mobility and architecture, from doctors to lawyers, through workers and gardeners to politicians and musicians.



Experimental living concept in the context of mobile and dynamic architecture
Scheveningen, The Hague, Netherlands, realization March 2013
First Mobile Location Berlin-Moabit, Germany, July 2013

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