Jamie Allen, David Gauthier

31 Oct 2013 - 27 Feb 2014

Jamie Allen (Canada)

Jamie Allen likes to make things with his head and hands. These things mostly involve peoples’ relationships to media, technology and infrastructural resources.


David Gauthier (Canada)

David Gauthier likes to mangle concepts and objects of art, science and technology to produce non-disciplinary work that address the visible and invisible aspects of our techno-scientific culture.



CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE is an artistic research and production residency that approaches the resources and reserves of materials, energies, signals and data underneath it all. The project is a series of workshops and public events leading to an artwork for transmediale 2014 afterglow, a collaboration of artist-technologists Jamie Allen and David Gauthier. CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE unearths the undergirding of media technics, as a media archaeology of the present — understanding that the post-digital is not just horizontal and temporal but material and vertical — that is, infra-digital and infra-technical. CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE sees the afterglow of the digital as its material detritus and detrition. What is left behind and beneath the wake of our media-technical fetishes and compulsions?

This residency is possible thanks to the partnership with transmediale.


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