Yoana Buzova

1 - 31 Aug 2017

Yoana Buzova (Netherlands)

Йоана Бузова / Yoana Buzova is an interdisciplinary artist and educator, passionate about public space and short-lived, neglected moments and objects.
She works low-tech, Do it Yourself and with Others and uses found and repurposed material to create temporary poetic moments.

In 2014 Yoana completed the Master's Program at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and since then has been teaching in the Willem de Kooning Academy.
She is a proud member of the Filmwerkplaats, Rotterdam and of the The Tip Top Orchestra, frst amateur avant-garde orchestra.
Yoana is based in Rotterdam.


Parasite Outlet

Yoana will focus on how can urban harvesting move outside governmental monopoly and be imbedded
into street furniture and infrastructure as a performative platform?
Investigating the power outlet as an ordinary and unglamorous object, a symbol of private and
controlled space and its underestimation as a powerful artistic platform.

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