Lore Smolders

1 Jul - 31 Aug 2017

Lore Smolders (Belgium)

I search for a language which guides you in a space. In which doors open themselves.

Clear instructions.

A map, a direction indicator, watching indicator.

In which two spaces have a conversation.

A language which walks, observes, describes, draws, collects, installs, removes.

A language which plays with pictograms. Which is not a language anymore.

To articulate the irrelevant. To map the invisible.

Trough the eyes of an ethnographer, architect, voyeur, tourist.

Or a language which stands in a queue.

Touch for fortune

I will focus on tourist bubbles in Berlin and mainly how tourist conventions stand in relation to war monuments in Berlin. Collecting observations in the field of social behaviour and rules, tourist guiding, souvenir vending,... will be the motive to make graphic translations and local interventions.

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