Lamis Haggag

31 May - 30 Aug 2017

Lamis Haggag (Egypt)

Lamis Haggag is a Cairo/Toronto-based visual artist. She received her MFA fromthe University of Calgary, Canada in 2013. She obtained a BFA from the faculty of FineArts, Helwan University, Egypt in 2008. Her practice involves a variety of investigationsof the psychological effect of habitual confinement on a human being. Her work is acritique of social restraints and institutionalization. She presents her ideas throughpainting, drawing, installation, interactive installation, performance, and publicintervention as a process of de-territorialization and re-territorialization. HaggagAddresses the notion of territorialization by means of the body and the framedemarcating a certain space, thus, de-mobilizing the movement between the outer publicand the inner psychological. She deploys absurd metaphors, such as escaping the frameand achieving a transparent body to achieve conceptual freedom. Since 2006 Haggagparticipated in a number of National and international group and solo exhibitions, sheexhibited and performed in Cairo, Calgary, Beijing and Dakar.

How do I look on paper?

‘How do I look on paper? ’ is a critical project that rejects evaluating peoplebased on their write-ups and documents. In the process of applying for visas,exhibitions, residencies, jobs or immigration, you are judged based on how youappear to be on paper. Whoever processes your documents does not know you as aperson. They do not know your history, likes, dislikes and they certainly do notidentify with you as an individual; your whole life is reduced to a pile of paper andyour future is decided upon it. My project comprises building an experiential space,where people are able to use all senses to experience the work. Things to touch,smell, walk through, contemplate, alternate or even watch grow, a changing minimalprocess rather than a finished piece.

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