Lýdia Pribišová

1 Apr - 31 Mai 2017

Lýdia Pribišová (Slovakia)

Lýdia Pribišová is interested in testing the boundaries of art. In her curatorial projects, she focuses on subversive art practices that go against typical social and cultural patterns. In her work, Pribišová observes how cultural stereotypes are constructed as well as the shifting positions of individual subjects in society. She works with themes of collective memory, sharing, and local Central European history, in part by questioning social rules, conformism, and the changing role of public space in post-communist societies.

Lýdia Pribišová (born 1980, Slovakia) is a curator and art historian. Pribišová has been the Slovak editor at Flash Art Czech & Slovak Edition since 2006, before becoming the managing editor in 2015. For two years (2013-2015), she worked as a project coordinator for the organization and digital platform tranzit. In 2012, Pribišová founded the nonprofit PILOT, and in 2007, she co-founded gallery of immaterial art, Evolution de l’Art. Projects include the 2007 and 2011 Slovak exhibition at the Prague Biennale. In 2013, Pribišová obtained her doctorate from the University Sapienza, Rome; her doctoral thesis is titled Quadriennale of Rome. From Public Body to Foundation. Reflection on transformation.


event Autostop (25.- 26.5.2017) consists of show, discussion and film screening

Various artists from around Europe, who either actively engage in hitchhiking, or used to do so on a regular basis in the past, were asked to come to the Berlin by hitchhiking. Their work presented at the group presentation / 2 days show at ZKU. It will be based on this travelling experience, accompanied by discussion about their journey.


Andrea Kalinová /SK/,

Jürgen Rendl /SK-AT/

Miklós Mécz /HU/,

Judit Fischer, /HU/

András Zalavári, /HU/

Kristóf Gábor /SK - HU/

Patrick Laviolette

in collaboration with:


Film screening of the movie Avé by Konstantin Bojanov, with his personal introduction

Curated by Lýdia Pribišová

Supported by Slovak Art Council