ZK/U Untersuchungsausschuss #2

Fact Finding Committee #2: Heterotopic Places

With the help of the Fact Finding Committee #2 (Untersuchungsausschuss #2; UA #2) the ZK/U is looking for heterotopic uses and places that are relevant for the 21st century and that can shape the future of the ZK/U. The subject of the research is described as "Spaces for Cultural and Social Production and Encounter in the 21st Century".

The UA #2 is a speculative tool. It assumes that the most formative, the most relevant process of the 21st century (of which 19% have already been consumed) is climate change - radical and with all possible and speculative consequences, for socio-culture in general, for socio-cultural places (such as the ZK/U) and their uses in particular as well as for the definition of heterotopias in the remaining century.

The leasehold contract of the ZK/U expires on February 29, 2052 – just two years beyond the time horizons set up for the German Federal Government’s current "German Climate Action Plan 2050" (2016) and for the "2050 long-term strategy" by the European Commission (2018). This appointment in the middle of the century (33 years after the presentation of the research results of the UA #2) is supposed to be the fixed point of the investigation: How could the ZK/U in 2052 (as a heterotopic place) work despite or thanks to radical changes, or - can the ZK/U in 2052 (as a heterotopic place) work despite or thanks to radical changes at all?

And what could this mean for the current planning situation of the ZKU as well as for the extension of the ZK/U’s leasehold contract after 2052?

Leitung: Martin Conrads