ZK/U UA Gemeingut Grün #01: Bike Tour

In the fact-finding committee ("Untersuchungsausschuss") at ZK / U, we consider the question of public welfare-oriented forms of organization for the Berlin green. In particular we are interested in gardens, parks and other green open spaces that have been initiated or maintained from below. There are 200 intercultural and community gardens just in Berlin, and it is no accident that the city is also the capital of urban gardening.

However, most of these gardens are temporary, many are under pressure from construction boom and speculation, and despite their commitment to environmental justice, environmental awareness, nature, biodiversity and social cohesion, many of these locations remain precarious interim uses and are considered private by the administration.

In the Urban Gardenien Manifesto of 2014, we had already called for the transition to a "garden-friendly city" and the current Berlin Senate has announced a city contract for the permanent preservation of important green, open and natural areas. In this context, together with the actors in the garden scene, a city-wide concept for urban and intercultural gardens should be developed. In the "Untersuchungsausschuss" Gemeingut Grün, we are jointly developing ideas on how greenery from below can be permanently secured and organized in a way that is oriented towards the common good.

For an inventory of different self-organized and self-initiated forms of green in the city, we take a bike ride to exemplary places. The programme includes the Prinzessinnengarten, the Tempelhofer Feld, the Kinderbauernhof am Engelbecken as well as the Intercultural garden and the Kleingarten at the Gleisdreieck.

The tour takes about 4 hours. Please bring a bicycle and some food.

Registration at: ua-gruen(at)zku-berlin.org

Meeting point: Prinzessinnengarten at 2 p.m.

On 11.8. the tour takes place in German and on 18.8. in English.