ZK/U meets Berlin Biennale

ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistics is a venue of the 10th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art.

June 9 to September 9 2018

The 10th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art titled We don’t need another hero takes place from June 9 to September 9, 2018 at four permanent exhibition venues: Akademie der Künste at Hanseatenweg, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Volksbühne Pavilion, and ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistics. HAU Hebbel Am Ufer serves as a site for two  performances over the course of the 10th Berlin Biennale.

Events for the public program I’m not who you think I’m not are being held at these venues and at various other locations throughout the city. The exhibition venues were chosen not only because of their historic relevance in the city of Berlin but also because of what they represent today. The 10th Berlin Biennale situates itself in conversation with these interrelated timeframes. The invited artists propose a renegotiation of the systems of exchange produced within these venues. The presented works also expand the possibilities of exchange by introducing their own perspectives.

The three directors of the ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistics, Matthias Einhoff, Philip Horst und Harry Sachs cooperated  as the artist collective KUNSTrePUBLIK  with the 5th Berlin Biennale in 2008, in which their project Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum also served as a venue. At the time the “park” was empty plot of land, a former part of the Berlin Wall in the heart of the city—and the object of intense real estate speculation. The 10th Berlin Biennale reestablishes a dialogue with the collective by inviting selected artists for extended stays in Berlin to work in the studio spaces that form part of ZK/U’s residency program. In their practices these artists investigate how their politicized bodies respond to the inherent systems of power that define the built city environment. Other projects critically examine varied imagined schemas for natural and constructed environments, both present-day and historic.

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