Sensing Bees as part of STATISTA

Registration needed, participation fee: 12€   

Language: English / German

The artists and beekeepers collective Moabees offers a visit to the honey bee colonies that live and work in the House of Statistics. The processor sensors installed in the colonies’ beehives as well as our physical visual and hearing senses collect information about the development of the bee colonies. Using a bee camera and the photochemical technique of cyanotype (blueprint), we will take photographs of the colony's surroundings and will collect artefacts from the house and courtyard, which have been abandoned for years. The bee camera imitates the compound eye of the bee: the exposure source for the cyanotype is ultraviolet (sun) light, which the bees can recognize, while it normally remains invisible to human eyes.

The number of participants is limited, registration is needed via e-mail to moabees(at)zku-berlin.org; topic „Registration Sensing Bees Workshop 21.6.19”

Meeting Point: Werkstatt Haus der Statistik


STATISTA is funded by the Berlin Senate Office for Culture and Europe. The STATISTA presentation week takes place in the frame of the Berlin Art Week (11-15 Sep 2019).

Project participants: Economic Space Agency (ECSA), Hiveeyes, KUNSTrePUBLIK, Labor k3000, Moabees, openBerlin, Penny Rafferty und Nascent, raumlaborberlin with Bernadette La Hengst, and others.