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A place to research. A place to be. A place to care for and be cared for.

May 09 - 12

MOHA, an art collective known for their interdisciplinary approach, is collaborating with district nurses from the local organisation 4beimir/Futur Uno in Moabit to create a temporary space together, called "Who Cares?". The two groups have been meeting for several months, discussing and envisioning different ways to care. As a result of that "Who Cares?" is not only an art project, but also a practice, a tryout, and a proposition. A place to research. A place to be. A place to care for and be cared for.

From May 09 to 12, "Who Cares?" will be open to the public, offering a variety of activities and experiences. These include master classes led by nurses, a performance of care gestures which usually happen privately at home, but this time in public, the launch of a new care dictionary, home cooked dinners and palinka, a film screening and a ceremonial dance.

MOHA, consisting of artists Alice, Olivia, and Zsófi, is known for their resilient and diverse approach to art. Their work merges multiple fields such as urbanism, anthropology, social choreography, magic realism, performance art, guerrilla art, care work, and activism. They operate in a same-but-unique way, being present in the same location day after day, week after week, becoming part of the local routines and landscape. Their collaborations with various individuals and groups in the community, from artists and curators to shopkeepers, at-home mothers, scientists, homeless people, cleaners, social workers, and nurses, inform their public outcomes. In addition to being part of their art collective MOHA, they worked several years in healthcare. 

With "Who Cares?" MOHA aims to shift our focus from the new, sensational or exotic to the existing infrastructure and the work involved: the day-to-day work of maintenance, care and repair.


Tuesday 9th May - Opening kick off

from 18:00 to 22:00 // Theater X, Wiclefstraße 32, 10551 Berlin
An ode to care work /a 4 hours ongoing performance/
Who Cares? - The Dictionary /launching of the publication/
It is what it is /an in depth interview and presentation by two care experts from 4beimir/

*All that served with home cooked dinner and drinks*

Wednesday 10th May

from 13:00 to 17:00 // (in public space of Moabit, location tba)
An ode to care work /a 4 hours performance/

from 19:00 - 21:00 // Theater X, Wiclefstraße 32, 10551 Berlin
Film screening and discussion on the topic of care with special guests

*All that served with home cooked dinner and drinks*

Thursday 11th May 

from 14:00 - 16:00 // Theater X, Wiclefstraße 32, 10551 Berlin
Master classes by care experts
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from 17:00 - 19:00 // Theater X, Wiclefstraße 32, 10551 Berlin
Master classes by care experts
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Friday 12th May 

from 10:00 - 12:00 // Theater X, Wiclefstraße 32, 10551 Berlin
Master classes by care experts
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15.30 // Invalidenpark
joining the Walk of Care / Demo
For our meeting point check instagram on the day

19:00 // location tba
ceremonial dance, dinner + drinks

*All that served with home cooked dinner and drinks*


An ode to care work
The performance is looking into “caring for” as an intimate, personal and political act, hidden in simple tasks, difficult to measure, often invisible. The performers will be asked to receive a care treatment, or provide one, which usually happens privately at home. This time this action will be made public. Actions will be such as: being fed, having part of your body being washed, being lifted, having your nails being cut, being dressed a.o

Who Cares? - The Dictionary
In this dictionary each word is a possible ambassador of care. Each word, in their own way, is trying to relate and would like to be used when discussing this topic. Each can be replaced with 'care’ if you look for a change of perspective. This collection is made to grow with the person who carries it. It is not fixed. The words transform with time. Some get lost. New ones appear on the way.

Master class
The care workers from 4beimir (a local Moabit based care organisation led by Uta Kirchner) will be giving one on one master classes on care. They will be sharing/teaching to each participant specific actions/gestures they have to provide to their clients. As they are guiding the participant through these actions they will discuss what is care for them, what brought them to this work, what their difficulties are and what inspires them in this work a.o.

Film screening and discussion
A moment to come together, watch a movie and reflect on our different perspectives on care.

Walk of care
Friday 12th May is the international day of care for the occasion, we would like to invite you to join forces with care workers through their walk of care. 

If you are someone giving or receiving care, if you are working in the care-industry, or if this description is speaking to you in any ways, join our program between 9th and 12th May at Theater X.

More info about the whole research here: http://whocares.mohaproject.com

Production Assistant: Anne Fischer