What's The Time ?

Bildrechte: Prof. Maria Vedder

Video artist Prof. Maria Vedder bids farewell to Berlin University of the Arts with an exhibition

Every Friday at 7pm, Screenings and Artist Talks:

17.1.14 Kaya Behkalam and Baris Hasselbach/Transforma 
24.1.14 Mikko Gaestel, Simone Häckel, Ariane Pauls
31.1.14 Matthias Fitz, Niklas Goldbach, Juliane Zelwies

The exhibition:

Video artist Maria Vedder has been in charge of the class of Media Art at Berlin University of the Arts for 22 years. She will be celebrating her departure from the university with an exhibition of works by her former students alongside her own. In the exhibition, current works of the alumni will be compared and contrasted with projects from their studies.

Two decades of video art – that is a great deal of time for an art form that is no more than fifty years old. It also means a long time for a debate with the notion of time, which has always played a key role in video and has had a decisive role in Maria Vedder’s work in particular. The current exhibition that the UdK professor is organizing together with her alumni is therefore a journey in time in two senses. Besides comparison of current and older works by the participating artists, the different approaches reveal diverse facets of a creative handling of time.

Common characteristics may be found in the works, which can perhaps be best described using the term “deceleration”. The time of the action appears frozen in iterations and so opens up new viewing perspectives, in which real and inner images, facts and fictions, the political and the aesthetic become strangely intertwined.

The exhibition will be opened with a performance by the artists’ group Transforma, formed by students of the classes of Media Art and Experimental Film at the UdK Berlin in 2001 which works at the interface of performance, art and music.

The Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (Center for Art and Urbanistics, ZK/U) was also founded by alumni of the UdK Berlin. Screenings and performances take place here every Friday evening.

With works by: Kaya Behkalam, Matthias Fitz, Mikko Gaestel, Niklas Goldbach, Simone Häckel, Baris Hasselbach/Transforma, Ariane Pauls, Daniel Urria, Maria Vedder and Juliane Zelwies.

Opening: January 10th 2014, 7pm
Opening Times: Tue-Fri 4pm-8pm, Sat+Sun 12pm-8pm, Fri 24.01+31.01 until 10pm
Entrance: Free

A catalog with DVD will be released.