Transmediale and CTM Vorspiel 2015

Opening Event

From 9 January until 1 February 2015, transmediale and CTM Festival cooperate with the Berlin network of project spaces, galleries and independent cultural actors in the field of digital art & culture and experimental sound & music for a distributed programme of partner events. Over 30 project spaces, galleries and independent cultural actors have curated and organized a rich programme of exhibitions, workshops and performances. With a common opening event before both festivals, Vorspiel aims at strengthening the dialogue with the two festivals as well as fostering the network of cultural actors and institutions, which has been established over the last years. As part of transmediale/resource, it connects different genres and practices for creating opportunities of common exchange and reflection and for bringing together communities and individuals which are dealing with art, technology, politics and identity in a critical way.

ZK/U is pleased to host the opening of the Vorspiel 2015. On this occasion, many of the participating venues will introduce themselves in an informal, social context and communicate first-hand information about the upcoming programme.

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