Towards a Shimmer on the Horizon #5

(c) Fertig Design

A post-capitalist summer series at ZK/U. In the evening, outdoors, with a shared meal and two performances.

Brenda Alamilla - The Silence Between Us

Teresa Dillon - Throw Away, Ye Masses Till the Mountains Become Hollow Caves of Noise

Khao Soi Berlin - Northern Thai Organic Street Food


Towards a Shimmer on the Horizon aims to explore steps, practices, thoughts and sounds that could shift consciousness towards post-capitalist desires, that may illuminate new structuring elements of society, that open up wishful imagination, that could give a glimpse of shimmering possibilities. The series is not about the distant utopia, but rather about exploring a next step towards a shimmer of a world that is not structured by extraction and power, from different positions, and acknowledging existing damage, precarity & complexity. (full concept here: www.zku-berlin.org/timeline/towards-a-shimmer-on-the-horizon/)

How can we ever move beyond established extractive structures, if all our desires and attention are captured inside? If we never have enough time, if moving within is what's rewarded, or even tied to immediate survival?

Two performances and conversations tracing, feeling, and marking material and violence produced within structures of extraction and power, considering ways of dealing with and looking beyond. 


Brenda Alamilla - The Silence Between Us

The Silence Between Us is tracing various forms of violence that are systematically supported by hegemonic power structures. The performance is an affective mapping from a personal to collective experience.

Brenda Alamilla is a Mexican artist living and working in Berlin. She uses photography in combination with different media such as collage, video, poetry and performance in her artistic practice. Her work traces the impact of experiences in the body and unconscious. She addresses issues such as the omission of violence, identity and migration. Creating evidence by relating bodies, temporalities, contexts and histories. She is currently studying at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig in the class of moving images with Prof. Tina Bara.



Teresa Dillon - Throw Away, Ye Masses Till the Mountains Become Hollow Caves of Noise

Throw Away, Ye Masses Till the Mountains Become Hollow Caves of Noise is the chapter title of a recent documentary 'Turning the Collar' on repair professions that Dillon has created for Repair Acts, Ireland. Taking this title as the inspiration for a gathering to connect and bless the machinery and materials that are currently working for us at the ZKU site, Dillon's performative intervention will be followed by a discussion on the affective nature of ritual, as an everyday practice and container through which new legal imaginaries for how we organise and structure life can be performed. 

Teresa Dillon: An artist and researcher, Teresa’s work explores relationships between humans, other species, technology, cities and our environments. This currently manifests through two artistic-led research programmes, Repair Acts (2018–) and Urban Hosts (2013–). Repair Acts fosters ideas about restorative cultures and practices by connecting past stories of care, maintenance and healing, with what we do today and how we envision the future. Recent work in this vein explores storytelling, histories and local economics of repair and the intersection of legal scholarship and contemporary ritual in relation to post-human law and eco-anxiety. With Urban Hosts practicing conversational and hospitality formats as a means to provoke ideas of encountering and »the alternative« within city spaces. As a Humboldt Fellow (UdK and TU, Berlin, 2014-16) her work documented artistic approaches to making the electromagnetic spectrum in cities audible. Since the early 2000s, she has exhibited at various festivals and venues, working on a number of soft and hardware project and written on subjects such as open source processes, music, technology and design, sonic materiality and folklores, multispecies relations, surveillance, governance and the smart city, repair economies and artisan repair professions. Invited to co-curate transmediale (2016) and HACK-THE-CITY (2012) for the former, Science Gallery, Dublin, since 2016 Teresa holds the post of Professor of City Futures at the School of Art and Design, UWE, Bristol.





Khao Soi Berlin - Northern Thai Organic Streetfood

Khao Soi is a restaurant and catering based in Berlin. It features signature dishes from Chiang Mai and also streetfood highlights from Bangkok's legendary Sukhumvit Soi 38. Find them Thursday to Saturday located at Arkaoda Berlin in Rixdorf.