The Potential of an Empty Center

Seeking a meaningful resolution for the Marx-Engels Forum

The Marx-Engels-Forum, which lies between Alexanderplatz and the newest incarnation of the Stadtschloss, is one of the last expanses of undefined area in the centre of Berlin. Here the decision regarding the direction for the city’s future development will be mad: is our urban concept based upon a yearning to heal old wounds, or can Berlin create a new identity for itself? Which position does the creative urban community – always seeking new forms of expression – take on that matter? Can a dialogue between citizens be initiated, that would produce a response that goes beyond a simple yes or no? This panel discussion with the architecture bureau GRAFT and guests hopes to find out.

Thomas Willemeit (GRAFT founding partner)
Alexander Schwarz (David Chipperfield Architects)
Prof. Michael Mönninger (Journalist, Critic and Professor at HBK Braunschweig)
Antje Kapek (Fraktionsvorsitzende, Stadtentwicklungspolitische Sprecherin Bündnis 90 Die Grünen)

David Kasparek (Journalist at “der architekt”)

Presented by GRAFT Architects, in the context of the MakeCity Festival

Language: German, English