Sporty Jesus "Ghost Driver" (+ The Pool)

Record Release Concert and Party

With Special Guest: THE POOL 

Visuals by: Optisches Gerät

Entrance: 5€

Sporty Jesus resulted from a collaboration by muscian and producer Jens Christian Madsen and DJ and visual artist Matthias Mayer on the occasion of the exhibition project "Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em" (04.11.2011-15.01.2012), initiated and realized by Matthias Mayer at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien in Berlin. Madsen performed at the exhibtion with his solo music project Tjaere+Fjer on the "Party Loader" - an accessible and playable sculpture by Mayer. There was a mutual desire to do something together. By the end of 2012 the two meet for their first session in Madsen’s recording studio in the old Funkhaus in Berlin. Ever since then they recorded 11 songs in their rhythm-accented style. Madsen plays synthesizers, drum machines and effects and Mayer turntables in connection with a Kaoss Pad and electric guitar.

Sporty Jesus is a music project that concretely deals with the history of music and connects with it. African-American rhythms from North America have a strong influence. They hit sounds from analog and digital synthesizers, which are fed from the pop history of the 1980s. Both fuses in the music of Sporty Jesus in its very own way. Experimental sounds play as big a role as the structure of a piece. Club music since the 1990s until today is the godfather. Parts of the musical history of the past 40 years get broken out at various points and find their continued existence in a kind of symbiosis, a characteristic line, that Madsen and Mayer follow with their project Sporty Jesus.

Ghost Driver is the first release presenting three songs of this dark and groovy electronic music.

Special guest:

THE POOL is a duo that sounds like a whole band and play a kind of dark Pop music. Their last release was a 6 track EP produced by Jochen Arbeit from the legendary Einstürzende Neubauten. The EP is called "We Will Never Be As Young As We Are Tonight" (released in October 2011). Their next album is coming out in March on Drone Records on glorious vinyl and dirty digital and is called "Repetitions".

Sporty Jesus

The Pool