Speisekino // "The other side of AI"

POPULAR UNREST During the Berlin Gazette conference

If today's world is increasingly characterized by completely efficient operations, and if, as AI suggests, they are increasingly automated and self-learning, then moments that go far beyond pure functioning and bring to light the flip side of the system can foster creation. The closing event explores the systemic relationship between supposedly useless things (leftovers) and unprogrammed incidents (glitches): What is the connection to the respective other of the system? Can the artistic combination of leftover and glitch create new forms of community?

Pepe Dayaw (Philippines) will expand his cooking performance into a Gesamtkunstwerk of dance and music, opening up a space for new forms of community that can emerge when the boundaries between producer/artist and user/viewer become permeable.

Parallel to the cooking performance, Melanie Gilligan (US) will present her multi-episode drama “Popular Unrest”. It is set in a future much like the present, where a rash of unexplained killings is haunting the planet. Though they often take place in public, witnesses never see an assailant. Just as mysteriously, groups of unrelated people are suddenly coming together everywhere, amassing new members rapidly. Unaccountably, they feel a deep and persistent sense of connection to one another.

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