Speisekino Moabit #7

Spacenight - Raketenbumms

Doors open at 7 pm
Free entrance
Menu: 7€ 
Food served at approx. 7.30 pm (until there is no food left)
Film by dusk (approx. 9.30 pm)
On the ZK/U Terrace

The Turmverein is inviting to Speisekino. Take 500 gramm plain flour, 250 ml water, 10 gramm yeast, which is about a package of dried yeast, a pinch of salt, 3 tablespoons of olive oil and fresh vegetable. Put three quarters of the flour into a bowl, disolve the yeast in luke warm water and add the water-yeast mixture to the flour. Now stir the dough with a wooden spoon or a kitchen machine until creamy.

Cover the dough and set aside to rise in a warm place (e.g. the oven at about 50°C) for about an hour. Roll out the dough, wash the vegetables and cut into pieces. Add the toppings to the pizza and put it in the oven. Meanwhile, you can find yourself a comfy spot and get a cold drink. The video projector and the screen is set up. We will then proceed to the „Pott“ in the 90’s (Bang Boom Bang).

Movie instead of techno. Light instead of bass. Pappsatt statt Pappmaul.

An event curated by Turmverein.