Speisekino Moabit 2014 #9

Showdown Moabit #2 - Focus on Moabit

Gossip, Thrash and Provocatives - Video mash up about the current situation in Berlin Moabit arranged by neighbour Marius Wittmann with extravagant and laid-back foods arranged by Muyiwa Bereola.

"Finally the Turmstraße had become metropolitan" said a promotion film from the 1960s, the opening of the second lane of this busy shopping street Moabit. Metropolitan? Yes, of course, why not? But the current city development is actually way too metropolitan, the inhabitants of Moabit would say. Especially the insanely climbing rents, the eviction and gentrification are not welcome. Arguments from now and then, pros and cons, found in the free video library of the Internet, are collected by the resident Marius Wittmann.

What do I think about it, what do I want for my neighborhood? Discussions , objections and comments are more than welcome this evening. Particularly in the first part of the program, because "The Improvisionaries play, what you want!". In an about 90-minutes taking play on Moabit will be created by your thoughts and visions. According to the hard facts and the loose cheerfulness Ya -Man cook Muyiwa Bereola will serve Caribbean Soul Food with African roots and Jamaican bananas.

Entrance : Free
Food: From 7.30pm, 5€
Movie: By dusk, approximately 9.45pm
Place: on the terrace of ZK/U
Language: German

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