Speisekino Moabit 2014 #16

Blockbuster Video: transmediale in-between

transmediale is a festival and ongoing project that takes place in the interstices of art, media and everyday cultures. In this spirit, this Speisekino Moabit is a travelling across borders: geographical, medial as well as aesthetic. Find out what the people living in the Moabit and greater Westhafen area watching and get an insight into the ongoing development of transmediale which as covered in the Speisekino Moabit curated by Florian Wüst last year, has historical ties to the Moabit neighbourhood.

The transmediale film curator Marcel Schwierin will present an in-between festivals screening, connecting last years afterglow theme with the developing topics of transmediale 2015.

The artistic director of transmediale, Kristoffer Gansing, will give a video-lecture based on the everyday video cultures of the neighbourhoods surrounding Westhafen. Investigating the diseappearing physical sites of local media distribution, he brought back film clips from videos picked up at local video stores, flea markets, grocery stores and more invisible outlets.

Curated by Marcel Schwierin and Kristoffer Gansing.

Entrance: Free
Food: from 7:30pm, 5€
Movie: by dusk, approx. 8:15 pm
Language: English and German
Place: on the terrace of ZK/U

This project is funded by: