Speisekino Moabit 2013 #8

Moabit Panzerknacker

Speisekino Moabit introduces the famous Sass brothers from Moabit. The audience will choose between three film about them, one of which will be shown on that evening.

The Sass Brothers bursts were highly precise, technically advanced and spectacular. Nicknamed by the press, “the master-thieves” or “the gentlemen-criminals”, the police feared and respected them and soon they turned to be legendary. They robbed places like the Berlin Bank in Moabit, the Dresdener Bank in Charlottenburg and Tiergarten, the center of the Reichsbahn in Schöneberg or the Reichsfinanzkasse in Alt-Moabit. Later on, the Sass brothers were caught in Denmark and sent to a concentration camp back in Germany after several years of prison.

The food will be provided by Kunst und Kochen.

From April until October this year, Speisekino Moabit shows movies and serves a menu matching the theme of the evening.

Entrance: Free

Menu: 5€

The project is supported by Quartiersmanagement Moabit West (Beusselstraße) and financed by Program Soziale Stadt (EU, Bund und Land Berlin).