Speisekino Moabit 2013 #15

Zeit der Stille (1986)

This time Speisekino Moabit looks across to Wedding and back to the 1980's. Thorsten Näter's movie 'Zeit der Stille' (1986), depicts two people in the days before Christmas, wandering the streets of Berlin, searching for a way to end their loneliness.

Johanna (Irina Hoppe) is a nurse at an elderly home and Stefan (Pavel Sacher) works in a canteen kitchen. She is on her day off. He just quit his job. They drift through the shopping streets and parks of Wedding, sits in the subway, at cornershops, in the cantine of a department store. They don't know each other and don't cross each other's path. Both experience a city that ignores dialogue and only acknowledge mute people and their gaze: absent, curious, excited, demanding.

At the end of the day Johanna makes a phone call and Stefan answers. Thorsten Näter portrays these parallel lives through a constant oscillation between movie and documentary. "Näter and his team direct the camera towards the truth, do reenactments within it, record reactions, even provoke them sometimes. (...) A calm, plangent, stunning movie, which black-and-white image emphasizes the effects and whose grandeur lies in its courage for the clarity of the story and the simplicity of its form. (Jan Gympel, taz, 23.6.1987)

Just like Stefan in the movie, the Moabit-resident Chandrani Jayasinghe works at a cantine and will be the chef of the night.

Chosen by filmcurator Florian Wüst. 
Guest: Irina Hoppe

Entrance: Free
Menu: 5€
Language: German 


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