Speisekino Moabit 2013 #13

Island myths

What does Moabit have in common with some remote South Pacific archipelagos on the other side of the world? The area of the Western port in the back of ZK/U points to it: here and there people are living on an island. And in both places stories from former times are told, long gone: island myths. Besides a very short retrospective into the almost “mythical” past of the neighbourhood of Moabit, the evening focuses on a cinematographic trip to Oceania. Myths refer to divine creations, they explain spectacular rites and everyday activities. Images from former times arise. Myths are effective here and now - by the people who fill them with life and who pass them on to the next generation. Like the landdiving of the Sa of South Pentecost/ Vanuatu, where every year in April the men of Bunlap build a large wooden tower, to jump down from on a certain day – secured only by the lines wrapped around their ankles. The audience will have chance to choose which other episodes from the five-part documentary series “Myths from the South Seas” will be shown: e.g. the art of the Samoan tattoo or the last traditional navigators of Micronesia.

To build a link between those islands situated far away from each other, the filmmakers and anthropologists Martina Kleinert and Thorolf Lipp, who spent years in the Pacific to shoot documentaries but not only, will care for a German-Pacific menu, coming out of an umu, an earth oven.

This can be followed from 2.00 pm on the ZK/U area. Curious guests and helping hands are welcome – previous notice is much appreciated (to Kleinert & Lipp/ Arcadia Film, [email protected], 030 – 34 39 14 20).

This project is supported by the program Soziale Stadt