Speisekino Moabit #13

Collège du Film & Mathieu et Merl présentent: La fête infernale à point formidable!

Doors open at 7 pm
Free entrance
Menu: 7€ 
Food served at approx. 7.30 pm (until there is no food left)
Film by dusk (approx. 9.55 pm)

On the ZK/U Terrace

How's it hanging Mister Dude? Again the Collegium Filmicus selects from a list of more than two thousand and fifty films the best for this evening. Perhaps Mathieu et Merl serve The Hong Kong Golden Brick Promise in addition!

Knowledgeable observers confirm that the program of the college consists of a certain

A. debility

B. servility

C. Regression

D. Flamboyanz

E. bigotry

that can not be denied. Previously shown films dealt, inter alia, with lame cars, Bella Italia, giant donuts, Pop Tarts, broken hearts, being blonde, UFOs, precise destruction, Malibu Beach, nosy neighbors, inappropriate clothing in court, Poodle, chloroform, Mini Skirts, San Fernando Valley, Faked Deaths, yuppies, Serial Killers, Teenage Angst, Getting Into Shape, Memphis, Irreverence, Killing A Spider, Kleptomaniacs, Hypnotherapy, Disguise, Posing, Falling Off A Balcony, Impersonation, Rowboat, Whistling, Bingo, Fez, Binoculars, Missing Tooth, Bubble Bath, Camel, trenchcoat, Fog, Wig, Coke Bottle, Spiral Staircase, Bucket, Nimby Attitude, Hanging Head In Shame concerned.