Residents' presentations 04/2013 (5)

Stephanie Ballantine - The borderline ethic and the nude spirits of capitalism

The artist has a feeling of being engulfed within a mass of disconnection, from the self, each other and society at large. 

She feels that her identity as a resistant artist is at constant threat of being discovered by clever marketeers and used in campaigns for cutting edge, designer trainers. 

She feels unstable in her identity, and turns the blame on herself, believing the choice to be a political, connected individual is there but she was too narcissistic to choose it. 

Sensing 'the void' approaching, she seeks methods to establish a sense of self that integrates political engagement and a shielding from capitalist agenda. 

The borderline ethic and the nude spirits of capitalism is a pyscho-documentary, presented over a range of formats. After intimate interview with others of a similar disposition, analysis takes the form of describing and deconstructing archetypes through conversation and textual analysis. The artist then applies the findings to videoed and live performance. The result is a form of connection through conversation and an examination of the power of memory and experience within the body.

The project will culminate in a 'happening' which will occur in the coming weeks.

photo taken by voindevoin