Residents' presentations 04/2013 (3)

Lise Skou - The Revenge of the Crystals

The Revenge of the Crystals, is a five-part fictional narrative set in the aftermath of the present financial collapse. 

It is a moment in the near future when the failing global monetary system has destroyed almost every institution, and the decay of society has become a habit where a few alternative visions exists. 

The short film depicts the aftermath of a revolution in which a slamm collective of people from a fragile commune in a garden. 

We see them learning the basic skills of survival and ways of living together. Step by step they fight to stay alive, attempting to do so wothout sacrificing their intellect or sense of solidarity. 

While focusing on the complexities of organizing a world that now resembles Girgio Agamben's notion of 'bare life' Skou and Rømer's carefully-scripted piece nonetheless manages to address underlying issues of politics, philosophy, and aesthetics that re all too relevant to our present -day circumstances of unrelenting economic crisis authoritarian drift, and rapidly failing states.