Resident final presentation: Sarah K. Stanley

Morsels (for the Grey Field Mouse, the Swans!)

Location: 2nd Floor Zentrum Stairwell 
Opening: 24.1.2013 at 7.30pm

Opening hours: 25.01 until 27.01, 2pm to 5pm

The presentation will include collaborations with artists and urban life in Berlin installed in the Zentrum’s building that are barely perceptible. A map with general pointers will be provided. I noticed during open studios that visitors enjoyed examining my personal items left out on the floor, tables and storage locker. I concluded that we might prefer discovering things and objects than looking at a drawing pinned to a white wall.   

A magnifying glass, a flashlight might even be necessary to view the objects placed in assorted places; some might have to be ‘played’. These small interventions are intended to disclose my activities over the past six months by presenting the material objects. The starting point is the architecture of this former train station, its industrial situation, its industrial furnishings and my additions from living here. A small grey mouse found dead in a plastic bag on a shelf in the lounge left without a morsel to eat.

These small-scale interventions are an outcome of my research and writing that reflects the processes of encounter with humans, animals, plants, machines, atmospheres, plastic and organic waste, YouTube film clips, urban gardens, surrounding parks and glacial lakes, the care of house plants, the composition of soil, the decomposition of food scraps, the life cycle of red worms, Charles Darwin’s last book The Formation of Vegetable Mold, inviting artists to dinner, my favorite Asian and Turkish Imbiss. All this I am referring to as Urban Metabolisms.