Rehearsing Moves on Hazy Paths #6

(c) Fertig Design, 2023

16 September


Olezha & Lo Moran: Everytime I See You, You Bring A Beet For Me 

A participatory Live Action Role Play (LARP) on conflict, trauma and healing set in a magical world.

We have created a Telegram group where you can follow updates and register to participate in the LARP, and find out more about its conceptual framework. You can join the telegram group also if you are just curious, to decide if you want to participate.

The LARP is free to join with no experience needed. We would love to welcome 12-20 players from 14:00-18:30 and then there will be a delicious meal open to anyone at the debrief. Registration is required.The meal at 19:00 is free to join without registration, and you are welcome to join and learn about experiences during the LARP.

To sign up as a player for September 16 please email [email protected] with the following information—
1. Your name
2. Contact (so we can send you more details leading up to the event)
3. Any specific access needs or concerns you feel comfortable sharing that we can try our best to accommodate 

Everytime I See You, You Bring A Beet For Me: How do you heal a dinosaur? How do you create a song with a beetroot? How do we come together across conflict and differences to intervene in and overcome systems of power? How are we transformed through traumatic events and how do we find healing in how events change us? All of these questions get raised but never fully answered. At the heart of this play lies a painful conflict. After it the characters are on their journey to cope with it. In this game you are invited to experience dinosaur blues and beetroot joys. We welcome you to play and explore the topic of healing and form your own opinions on it.

Olezha started their art practice in 2018 in Belarus by making photo and video works, which slowly transformed into working with live action role plays. Since then they designed and facilitated a few games concerned with topics of queerness and community. The 2022 war in Ukraine got them displaced to Berlin, where they plan to stay and develop their practice further by engaging with local communities.

Lo Moran creates interdisciplinary projects that are often socially engaged, participatory and collaborative. They aim to experiment with and question the systems we are embedded in by organizing situations of connection, openness and nonhierarchical learning. Working towards accessibility and reimagined ways of being together, they investigate strategies for community support and belonging. They are currently working on a comics and audio series. Lo has also been involved in creative projects within disability communities for the last nine years and performs experimental music as soft fantasy. They try their best to embrace fluidity and chaos to contribute to emergent futures and radical approaches.

Access info: The LARP will be played in english and involve traveling to 3 different locations in the park surrounding ZK/U that are accessible without stairs and with seating available, there are parts of the larp that are movement based (accessible for all mobilities) and conversation based. There can be written script and character information provided in addition to verbal explanations.