Rehearsing Moves on Hazy Paths #5

(c) Fertig Design, 2023

12 September

Samie Blasingame & Nary of Black Earth Kollektiv: Musings on Climate Justice

18:00 - Conversation between Samie and Moro from 15th Garden about food sovereignty, followed by a collective fermentation  session

19:30 - Neighbourhood dinner break

20:30 - Keynote from Nary: Decolonial perspectives on the climate crisis, followed by an exchange space to explore potential pathways provided by artistic practice to approach issues of climate justice and transformative action

Musings on Climate Justice: In a world shaped by the omnipresence of the climate crisis, a sense of urgency has become our constant companion. In Germany and Europe, climate activism often takes center stage in the form of bold and highly visible actions — crucial but sometimes overwhelming and intangible. At the same time, the voices of those who hold the most valuable yet marginalized perspectives are easily drowned out. Centering the perspectives of those drowned out voices means to embrace a regenerative perspective, that seeks to navigate oppression through experimentation, weaving connections, healing wounds, storytelling, and creating anew.

Join us as we delve into the meanings of climate justice and food sovereignty, featuring a conversation with a member from the 15th Garden initiative.

PLEASE BRING: an airtight glass jar (any used one you have at home), a cooking board and a knife for the fermentation session.

SIGN UP here, if you want to join the fermentation session, so that we can make sure we’ll have enough veggies for everyone.

Adding some hands-on engagement, we will do a collective fermentation session—so don't forget to bring an airtight glass jar.

This event will be hosted by Samie and Nary from the Berlin-based Black Earth Kollektiv.

Samie Blasingame  (she/her) is a social justice facilitator with a background in environmental policy, intercultural studies, and creative communications. She regularly curates, hosts and facilitates events on topics related to sustainability, environmental justice, intersectional organizing, and network mapping. She is the Creative Director of Food in my Kiez, sits on the board of Greenbuzz Berlin with whom she runs the #FeedingBerlin series, and organises with the Berlin-based climate and environmental justice collective, Black Earth. Her work and political ethos revolves around community building and collective imaginations toward a just and resilient future.

Nary  (they/them, nary) is a queer climate justice organizer and ecology student based in Berlin. Nary is passionate about exploring non-western concepts of stewarding ecosystems in order to learn reciprocal ways of human participation in our natures and landscapes. In their work as a facilitator and political educator Nary creates spaces to learn and exchange about decolonial perspectives on the climate crisis and their implications on organized movements. Nary is organized with Black Earth, a Berlin-based climate and environmental justice collective.  

Black Earth Kollektiv is a BIPoC environmental and climate justice collective based (mostly) in Berlin. Black Earth Kollektiv raises awareness through direct action, community work and art interventions towards Climate Justice, showing up the historic continuities of the causes of climate change ... colonial continuities, colonialism, racism, industrialisation, migration, up to gentrification in neighborhoods in Berlin. The work of BE is on one hand to strengthen the Black and POC communities in safe spaces about the topic in the monthly "Community Gathering" event, which is an intentionally created space to hear from and exchange with people who care about various forms of (in)justice but don’t normally find themselves part of climate discussions or feel part of the climate justice movement, and on the other hand to work and exchange with other groups and collectives.