Project Birkenstrasse

"These days, surely, it was in these crowded places where thousands of individual itineraries converged for a moment, unaware of one another, that here survived something of the uncertain charm of waste lands, the yards and building sites, the station platforms and waiting rooms where travellers break step, of all the chance meeting places where fugitive feelings occur of the possibility of continuing adventure, the feeling that all there is to do is to see ‚what happens‘.“ (Marc Augé: Non-Places)

Projekt Birkenstrasse is an artistic engagement with the U-Bhf Birkenstrasse in Berlin-Moabit. 

From September to October, various artists* created artistic works in and around the Birkenstrasse underground station. All works created in connection with the project will now be exhibited at ZK/U and U-Birkenstrasse.


The Artists
Aoife (Eve) Aiken
Matthias Gerber
Friedrich Herz
Linus Lütcke
Anders Nissen
Netta Weiser
p.u.r.e. (performative urban research ensemble)



PURE WALK 25 and 27 October at 16:00
(Info and registration https://www.facebook.com/events/301390427344011/)

PREVIEW 25 October from 19:00 to 22:30
in the underground station Birkenstrasse and in the ZK/U


VERNISSAGE 26 October from 19:00
in the underground station Birkenstrasse and in the ZK/U


20:30: Performance by Netta Weiser in the station
EXHIBITION 27 & 28 October
(Sat. 12-18, Sun. 12-16 )


The project Birkenstrasse takes place within the framework of the Ständige Vertretung at ZK/U.
The project is financed by the Senate Administration for Culture and Europe. 

>>> http://www.projekt-birkenstrasse.de/ <<<