ZK/U BerlinSiemensstr. 27, 10551, Berlin, Germany

with Carla Cerda, Marius Goldhorn, Julia Nakotte, Dana Ranga and Johannes Rosenberg
Moderation: Elisa Weinkötz

In her famous essay Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction, Ursula K. Le Guin reflects on the narratives of collecting - by means of a container, such as a carrier bag, in which the individual elements lie non-hierarchically next to, above, and below one another, the connections are loose, and the possibilities for linking are manifold - like constellations that form, dissolve, and come together anew.

While the ZK/U is under construction, we ask about the coherence of things. What happens in the in-between, when no stone is left unturned. The Urban Stage is a smaller version of the roof terrace that will grace the ZK/U at the end of the renovation work. A few meters closer to the Cosmos, here we dare to look up at the starry sky and contemplate lyrical constellations.

The Poets' Corner reading series has been a traditional part of the poesiefestival berlin for over 15 years and is organized by the Haus für Poesie. Throughout the districts, Berlin poets and musicians enter into a dialogue with special places and make the poetry written and lived here tangible.

The event is sponsored by Neustart Kultur.


Carla Cerda's exciting debut, madly composed yet with the chirpy nonchalance of explorers' diaries, links words and codes, wandering meteorologists, lithium mining in Chile, stock indices, the baroque poet Sor Juana de la Cruz, and the question of how a body "responds to events in real time."
Uljana Wolf on Loops at Lyrik-Empfehlungen.de


The texts of Johannes Rosenberg, operating on the boundary between poetry and prose, bring together the most diverse linguistic gestures in a confined space. They combine reflection with imagery, media moments with transformed nature. Asteroid fields meet bitcoins, magnetic letters and snow. The result is a very unique, unwieldy elegance.
From the jury statement of Berlin Stories, the student urban writer project of SWT Berlin


The players of Julia Nakotte's browser game Im Rauschen glide through the urban landscape of Reinickendorf and collect fragments of text that combine to form ever new poems.


Presumably in the spring of 2020, Marius Goldhorn wrote down some poems under the impression of the Lockdown, the reading of Ursula K. Le Guin, the Daodejing, a YouTube video conversation between the latter and Donna Haraway, and the purchase of a new MacBook. The result is YIN, a book that (as its title says) tries to grasp the soft, the fluid in the author and to build a collection of texts from it that is poetry, but does without grand poetic gestures.
Korbinan Publishing House


Dana Ranga spent years researching space travel for her poetry collection Cosmos. In her poetic research, she collected a wide variety of material and interviewed astronauts and cosmonauts. The question "what drives people into space, what they experience there, and what they feel before, during, and after the journey" permeates the volume.
Matthes & Seitz Berlin