Minimal rock n' roll at ZK/U

Entrance: 5€

'I've been listening to arabic and turkish music for years. i've been playing these dirty and scratched records in a bunch of clubs in berlin in the past years. The idea of subtly combining middle eastern harmonies with my pale-faced devoton to rock'n'roll and old-school electronic music seemed kind of natural to me. (...)" Jonas Poppe

OUM SHATT perform a radically pure and minimal form of rock'n'roll, with arabic references. It's a deep and dark analog dance construct, percussive and nonchalant, based on Jonas Poppe's intense voice and the slow and deep surf guitar sound and electronic connotatons. A bit of Ricky Nelson with a moustache. Or Ian Curts naked in Cairo, half past three in the morning. Lyrically they combine topics like sex and crisis, attack and escape or dilemmas, love and lies. OUM SHATT is a Berlin boy group below the poverty line, consistng of singer and innovator Jonas Poppe (Kissogram), the guitarist and actor Hannes Lehmann (Ex-Contriva, Mina) and drummer Chris Imler (Driver and Driver, Die Türen), the Don Corleone of Berlin rock'n'roll and Jörg Wolschina on Bass & keys.

Oum Shatt on Soundcloud