Opening "Lifelines"

Dailybread Berlin

Thursday, 17 January 2013, 6pm "Lifelines", by Dailybread Berlin 
Exhibition opening, featuring saxophone orchestra MOVING HOME ENSEMBLE

Friday, 18 Jan 2013, 3pm - 7pm 
7pm: Reading: "...kein langer ruhiger Fluss..."

Saturday, 19 Jan 2013, 3pm - 7pm 
7pm: Film screening with refreshments: A personal look at Moabit, childhood in East and West Berlin

Sunday, 20 Jan 2013, 3pm - 7pm 
4pm: Closing event, a guided tour of the exhibition

###Artists Christiane Keppler, Bärbel Rothhaar and Hanneke van der Hoeven, together forming the collective 'Dailybread', have been exploring the lives of twelve women and men from their immediate neighbourhood in Nord-Moabit. It is a pleasure for ZK/U to welcome 'Lifelines', the exhibition showcasing the fruits of their research, to the ZKU Exhibition Hall.

"Lifelines" is a study of a life well lived, and the marks it leaves. The artists have unearthed interesting faces and moving childhood images, Babylonian life stories, dramatic developments, bold decisions, a microcosm of personal history of the immediate surroundings of the ZK/U.

Apart from the artworks by Dailybread, the exhibition will include autobiographical fold-out books and drawings by those portrayed in the project. In addition to the exhibition, there will be a film projection, and a reading.

Project coordination: Christiane Keppler, Bärbel Rothhaar and Hanneke van der Hoeven - DAILYBREAD Berlin