OPENHAUS 29/08/2013

Chris Meighan and Marjolijn Rijks, Louis Porter, Raegan Truax, Kaori Yamashita

Open studios and exhibitions: 18h30-22h

Performance (Raegan Truax): 20h-21h

Chris Meighan and Marjolijn Rijks 

A dual installation on the moment and the action of making.
Draw, see, saw, cut, tear, glue, assemble.
Making as talking, a language of materials in space.
Making as thinking, as a subjective experience.
A visual dialogue of space, material and action.




Louis Porter

Using as a site of investigation the 155km stretch of bike tracks, housing estates, shopping centres and parks that now occupy the space where the Berlin Wall once stood, Louis has attempted to create a photographic catalogue of absence. Combining his own photographs, images found in the Mauerpark Flohmarket and archival documentation of found objects, Louis has expanded on his interest in developing a form of symbolic archaeology.




Raegan Truax

Raegan Truax is a New York City based durational performance artist who creates visceral, corporeal environments where breath, sweat, and skin are the materials for works that exhaust, endure, and provoke the simultaneity of art and life.  Her most recent work, if this gets messy, concluded with a consecutive twenty-eight hour performance during which Raegan performed without leaving the space.

In her second residency at ZK/U, Raegan is enacting simple performance scores in public spaces throughout Berlin for one to three hours.  The public bodyworks are in-process experiments informing a new durational work Raegan will perform during Berlin Art Week at the end of September.  

During open studios, Raegan will perform a selection from the bodyworks series.   Viewing will be from 8pm – 9pm.  Come and go as you please.  

Raegan Truax will be available for questions and conversation after 9pm.  www.raegantruax.com


Kaori Yamashita

The moment I capture an ordinary daily life as an image of the world, the joints supporting daily life begin to wobble; connections between objects start to collapse.  

The uncertainties  of contemporary societies  gives me an impetus to make art and the traces of my hands suggest a fall and space becomes a material that should be shaken or be deprived of a form. I think that the role of art includes the presentation of such a fall or space distorted by a kind of undulation for viewers.