OPENHAUS 25/02/2016

Open Studios, Installations, Performances, Screenings, Concert and Artist Talks

The OPENHAUS is a regular public format that takes place every month in ZK/U, inviting audiences to connect with the hosted projects and to explore the process of its residency programme.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the artists in residency and explore ZK/U’s space and surroundings, to ask questions, to discuss and to exchange ideas about ongoing projects and artistic practices.


25th of February 2016 from 7pm until 11pm

Free Entrance


Participating artists: Gemini Kim, Hyemin Park, Ingrid Pavezi, Jennifer Rainsford, Khaled Barakeh, Nomadic Art, Vinicius Giusti & Myotis Kollektiv and Viktor Vejvoda

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/930171600369957/

Gemini Kim


'Meet me at 12 o'clock'

I am designing a moment and space where I could feel gravity of the past.  They are composed by each transparent surface and soft metal sound from small musical instrument. My project stands on the same line as previous empty house project and other community artistic activities. It explores the possiblity of one imaginary cushion between slum life and phychological shelter in mind.

Ingrid Pavezi


Messing up borders and enlarging selves: the immigrant experience through literature

 Ingrid Pavezi will open her studio at the ZKU for a special reading session about literature and immigrant experience. She will read passages of contemporary writers and poets that intersect writing-language inventions, transcultural contexts and the many aspects of the daily crossing borders in an immigrant life. The immigrant is merging worlds, bringing creativity and improvisation, positively messing up the usual meanings in sensorial, linguistic and emotional aspects.  This reading session will explore through literature the multiple selves that a immigrant is used to play in their daily lives, intersecting and hybridizing worlds in both society and for themselves, in their social life as well as in their dreaming intimate lives.

The public is welcome to bring their writings, experiences, self-perceptions and poems about their own reflections of being an immigrant. This will be a literary sharing experience about human mobility and the multiple border crossing that immigrants are used to.  For participation in this reading session all the passports are valid and all languages are welcome, including those not spoken. Come and share.



We are an artist collective, working in arts and education and collaborating regularly with ZK/U. Recently we are working on workshops for young refugees, trying to create an atmosphere of acceptance and integration. Since the beginning of the year we are working more closely with the refugee shelter in Moabit, offering painting, origami, and film workshops combined with classes in astronomy and geography.

We believe that these workshops will give a common ground for exchange, a meeting place for diversity and foster acceptance.

Myotis Kollektiv


A group of artists interested in building a platform for the creation and performance of contemporary music including improvisation and electronic music. The group is called "collective" because of its variable organization that renews itself in its aesthetic aims according to different viewpoints, cultural experiences, and compositional, interpretative and improvisational qualities of each of one of its members.

The concert is presented to the public as the result of a collective composition process and also a laboratorial experiment with new sonic possibilities. The experimentation provides the artist’s ears with the sonic potential of each instrument, electronically prepared or not. One effective practice to develop a musical composition, which takes into account the variability and the large number of sound possibilities that new instrumentation techniques and electronic preparation explored nowadays.

Line Up: Johannes Haase (Geigen), Lukas Rickli (Keyboards), Vinicius Giusti (Elektronik), Johannes von Buttlar (Perkussion)




Hyemin Park


Berlin Clearance Exchange 2016

Hyemin Park will present her project 'Clearance Exchange' that was previously developed in London (2011). Since she is about to leave Berlin and return to Korea the artist invites Openhaus visitors to take part in a ‘trade off’ of the artist’s personal bellongings. The visitor/participant is asked to draw one of the artist’s personal items and exchange it for the actual item.

Jennifer Rainsford


Imagining the inside of the Earth 

Jennifer Rainsford will give a presentation on different models of what the inside of the earth might look. It will be a presentation of 3d printed models and different scientific theories. 

Khaled Barakeh & Abdul Rahman Mousa


Video Installation

Khaled Barakeh is showing a video installation which represents found footages from his homeland. For this open house at ZK/U Abdul Rahman Mousa is cooperating with Barakeh to realize a draft work of Barakeh, which deals with collective memories and archival materials.

Viktor Vejvoda


IAUZK/U Co-op in ZK/U

A positive subversion of an institution, an improvement from residents perspective and an inter-community knowledge and material exchange.

Based on a believe that Art and Artist have a strong link to society and to the social Sciences, I focus on possibilities of bringing my energy back to real life situation rather than lock up myself in a >>White cube<< cell.

To link people who are able to share and to teach their knowledges, able to cooperate rather than compete with others, is one of the assignments of my idea.