OPENHAUS 24/09/2015

Exhibition, Open Studios and Performance

Participants from the ZK/U residency: Charlotte Åberg, Gian Luigi Biagini and Vito Giorgio, Hyemi Cho & Chloe Lee, Emilija Skarnulyte, Simon Daniel Tegnander Wenzel,Youngjoo Yoo, Saba Zavarei

Alex and Su will share their love for a homemade Knedls with you!

Vegetarian menu for OPENHAUS will be:

Spinatknedl with spinach, Rohnenknedl with beetroot, Kasknedl with Bergkäse cheese, Kürbis-Ingwer-Knedl with pumpkin and ginger - all served with delicious salads, herbs and toppings.

Youngjoo Yoo


Café Achteck

There is a mysterious green house outside. That is "Café Achteck", a public toilet originally from the 19th century. It has been restored and moderinsed in August 2001. And in 2015 ....

Charlotte Åberg


Imagine the city

The project is inspired by theorist Guy Debords “Dérive” or “Drift”, an unplanned journey through the city in which the subtle aesthetic contours of the surrounding direct the travellers. By using this method there’s a chance to investigate the unpredictable among people, events and situations in the streets. It's a way of collecting memories, dreams, ideas, thoughts and feelings, and the imaginative life of the city.

Emilija Skarnulyte


No Place Rising

(sound performance + video installation)

Imagine a city which hasn't been built yet, and it is not yet conscious of its own existence. “No Place Rising” is a reflection of someone's individual utopian dream, which will never be a common dream. It all began in the bottom of the Arctic sea, a future city at different place, at different time. You feel like an animal walking in an open endless field.

The city rises, the islands become mountains, everything is covered with sea shells and red sea weed and still no actual life force exists here, everything is frozen. Continuity. Invisible slavery. Rapidly changing distances leave the void behind us as a memory of what would often remain unnoticed. What is the speed of violence that created these transformations of the ocean that cannot be appropriated by war?

Simon Daniel Tegnander Wenzel


Aquamarine Étude No. 1 (2015)

Aquamarine Étude No. 1 is an audio-visual live experiment in which field recordings, electronic music and video footage from a polar expedition become the narrative for an inner and outer world where dreams, nature and technology unite. It’s a journey through the diary of a passenger onboard of the icebreaker ship KV Svalbard on its way into the ultimate wilderness, beyond the ice edge, in the cold but fragile Arctic Ocean. Aquamarine Étude No. 1 is a performance piece and the first part of the upcoming multimedia project Aquamarine Études.