OPENHAUS 23/07/2015

Open studios, Artist talks and Performance

Participating artists: Lena Athanasopoulou, Shauna Janssen, Jan Körbes, Saem Lee, Sébastien Mazauric,  Folakunle Oshun, Corinne Thiessen, Youngjoo Yoo, Picture Berlin ( Lemia Monet Bodden, Cynthia Bittenfield, Movern Odling, Emilie Atkinson, Youjia Lu , Ariela Kader, Allison Wade, Gabriela Garcia, Anastasia Cazabon, Inge Schoutsen)

Guest : Reese Johanson

Onwards 7.00 pm

Performances of Lena Athanasopoulou (8pm), of Saba Zavarei (7.30pm, 8.30pm, 9.30pm) and of Reese Johanson (7.30pm, 8.30pm, 9.30pm) .

This month, no tour, just a smooth and open walk around the studios 

Entrance: Free

© Aderemi Adegbite 

Sébastien Mazauric


What is the because ? * (2)

Open studio, work in progress - presentation & discussion / around 20

Drawings, archives, glimpses of an urban atlas, foldings, postcards, maps, pieces of reality, totems, quotes, music.

"Concrete is abstract made familiar by use" Paul Langevin.
*Laurent AndrÈ in ´ Quel est le propos ª

Corinne Thiessen


My project objectives are to produce a new body of drawing-based work (the working title), Bonobos, the Beach and Berlin, will build upon my past work that engages sociological, critical and feminist frameworks to examine cultural and political ideas about normal human behaviour. With a focus on Berlin’s sites of leisure and pleasure, I observe aspects of social cohesion and ideas about utopic relationships comparing human and bonobo (Pan paniscus) behaviour. I ask the question, what are the cultural, environmental, and historical influences on perspectives of work, productivity, leisure, monogamy, and morality concerning self-regulation and social norms?

Jan Körbes


Pixel Pallets at Silo City Berlin

As a contraposition to the standard perception of architecture and as a reaction to a dynamic life as garbage architect and international 3D troubleshooter, I developed a dynamic and mobile living structure from a grain silo and a selection of local waste materials. Various simple but logical technical systems enable the silo to be almost independent of civilization, e.g. the shower which works on 5 liter circulated water. In order to look from a different angle at the standard way of living, I started to live with my daughter in the experimental house, which we moved to Berlin at the end of July 2013. The 'silo city' project in Berlin questions the general dynamics in housing and public space, inviting contrasting groups of society to experience the other side of mobility and architecture, from doctors to lawyers, through workers and gardeners to politicians and musicians.


Youngjoo Yoo


Women in Berlin

(part of the project "Can you hear me?")

I still look at you at a distance, it keeps me going.

Folakunle Oshun



Contest within my community space. Caught between the government’s policies and the intervention of various NGOs, this community strives to make sense of its present realities and an uncertain future. The “lines” refer to the circumstantial borders which have created a space for the youths within the community to express themselves and discover the strength in their being."

- Aderemi Adegbite ­

Lena Athanasopoulou

performance, 15' 

She said: your gaze is like a summer breeze during the winter.

He said: What is poetry? Poetry exists in the encounter.

Shauna Janssen

this space is for you

Shauna Janssen, a Montreal based urban curator, will create a spatial and participatory situation for openhaus guests to engage with questions about the public sphere and making publics.

Saba Zavarei

]openhäuser[, performance, 20'

Saba Zavarei will perform about her one week life in the ZK/U.

This location now has a meaning; the space is turned into place. The place though is always performed and the layers of meanings pile and tie up on top of each other. Therefore the "haus" becomes multiple, influx, in-process. The "häuser" is thus a way for the artist to open up her lived spaces to the audience. But even in sharing those meanings, every participant performs the place differently, adding new meanings to the production of space.

]openhäuser[ is an attempt to write the diverse performances of place into the site through interaction of the audience with the artist's multiple narrations of the place.

Reese Johanson


"IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD" is an immersive audience participatory, social experience.  The audience members wear wireless headsets through which information is transmitted. They are asked personal and sometimes silly questions to which they are to respond physically as described by the recording. There is no pressure to perform. People can just listen and the experience is still poignant and fun.  The questions are intended to group people and segregate people based on economics, personal character, or habit.  By the end of the piece people have been grouped and separated several times and into several so there is no longer much difference or segregation between any of them, and they all end up dancing together. Because they have been through personal experience collectively they end up not being different and separate, but different and connected. They become one very connected community of still very different individuals. By the end of the piece participants are usually hugging total strangers.  
Music composed by Susan Millar Boldissar.

Picture Berlin

Participating artists : Lemia Monet Bodden, Cynthia Bittenfield, Movern Odling, Emilie Atkinson, Youjia Lu , Ariela Kader, Allison Wade, Gabriela Garcia, Anastasia Cazabon, Inge Schoutsen