OPENHAUS 22/02/2018

Open studios, installations and resident talks

The OPENHAUS is a regular public format that takes place every month in ZK/U, inviting audiences to connect with the hosted projects and to explore the process of its residency program.


19:00-22:30 Open studios, installations & food

20:00 Guided tour through resident's work

Residents in February: Jordan Cook, Orhan Esen, Alix Lucas, Ben Nathan, Matthew Robinson, Renee Rooijmans, Motohide Taguchi, Joel Verwimp, Ragip Zik

February’s Openhaus event draws on the varied interests of our residents, who will be presenting work in a variety of formats. Themes of failure, loss and resistance will be explored through sound installations, photo scrap books and found object collages. Again, we will be witness to the continued collaborative research of our residents into open water bathing in the urban surrounds of Berlin, immersing the viewer in a sound and sensescape that evokes the neighbouring bathing haunt of Ploetzensee.

In another installation we will be privy to view the failed photographs of one of our residents, an act of self exposure that challenges notions of perfection and invites us to consider the value of vulnerability.

Found objects will be utilised in yet another piece, asking the viewer to consider the ways in which the seasons affect our experience of the built environment and access to public space. Workshops will also be held in which participants will be able to annotate a map of Berlin with their own personal routes, tracing emotional lines through the city and eliciting potential blind spots, or otherwise investigate the cultural significance of city and domestic soundscapes.


As the number of participants for Motohide Taguchi's workshop "Exchanging Memories Related To Sounds And Music" is limited to 20 people, we kindly ask you to send a short mail in advance to secure a spot: 

More info for workshop: https://www.facebook.com/<wbr />zku.berlin/photos/<wbr />gm.184921585602899/<wbr />1815337375208372/<wbr />?type=3&theater

(c) Photo Kristina Miller, 2018

Jordan Cook

How do you navigate through the city?  

In this workshop, Jordan Cook asks visitors to draw personal maps of Berlin with a focus on everyday routes, destinations and key landmarks. These emotional lines aim to trace and explore significant areas of Berlin; working to gain an understanding of what it’s like to live in Berlin, as well as testing the fragile nature of memory in relation to space.

Orhan Esen

Orhan Esen will prepare a 3-course dinner for guests.

Alix Lucas

The perfect pictures we are surrounded by put a lot of pressure on the question: “what is a successful picture?” Photoshop, filters, everything is retouched and there is no room for imperfections.

In contrast to the sharp perfection of digital, FAILED. propose to the public to connect with pictures in another way. FAILED. encourages to look at failed pictures in a positive way, in a more inclusive way of experiencing an image, where blurs, overexposure and scratches are valuable.

Matthew Robinson & Ben Nathan


February OPENHAUS at ZK/U will showcase the sixth collaborative work by Matthew Robinson and Ben Nathan​. Baden Projekt Berlin explores the daily ritual of ice​ swimming in the lakes of Berlin. ​The audience will be immersed into an interactive sound installation where ​ambient​ noise ​recreates the environment of​ Plötzensee lake and the Western Harbour of Berlin.


Renée Miles Rooijmans

At this OPENHAUS Renée will share a story about the seasonal pitfalls and potential of the typical street benches. How invited do people feel to use public furniture according to their needs? And how flexible is public furniture itself in reaction to seasonal changes? These questions will be addressed in the story called 'Migratory Benches', told from an unexpected perspective.

Motohide Taguchi

Composer Motohide Taguchi invites guests to participate in a music-theater performance.

"Exchanging Memories Related To Sounds And Music" nurtures dialogues between Berlin communities with different cultural backgrounds.

The composer explains how to perform the piece by using voices, hand-clapping, sounds of the body and the space. Then the participants are invited to perform the music-theater piece.

Joël Verwimp

Joël Verwimp, together with artist and scholar Lindsey Drury, showcases his initial point of departure, rooted within his praxis.
The sound piece “Sanctuary?” was recorded during the MISS READ Art Book Fair in 2017 at Haus der Kulturen der Welt. The question it poses is both a means to write and a proposal for its conclusion.

Ragip Zik

This is all about politics. and images. and…

Turkey was home to popular mass mobilizations lately. Political contention and its consequences affected the entire country. As like as other social movements and protest events, digital platforms were made part of the resistance, together with a visual culture that transcended borders, traditions, ideologies, time, and space.

We spend 80% of our day processing the visual information we get. Faces, objects, movements, colors, shapes… and lots of images… How do we remember the images we see? What do we remember from them? What is left behind? Have we seen them before? Long ago?

Maybe just a little while ago?

"Errant Iconographies" invite to take a look at the images of mass mobilizations from Turkey and reconsider them.