OPENHAUS 21/04/2016


Offene Studios, Installationen, Performances, Skulpturen, Graphiken und KünstlerInnengespräche



Das OPENHAUS ist ein regelmäßig stattfindendes, öffentliches Format des ZK/U. Unser Residency Programm bietet internationalen KünstlerInnen, StadtforscherInnen, AktivistInnen und anderen ExpertInnen die Möglichkeit für mehrere Monate an Projekten in den Atelierwohnungen des ZK/U zu arbeiten. Am Ende des Monats bieten diese KünstlerInnen beim OPENHAUS Einblicke in ihre Arbeit und laden das Berliner Publikum dazu ein mit ihnen über ihre Projekte und Prozesse zu diskutieren.

Im April begrüßen wir KünstlerInnen, die urbane Narrative und kulturelle Praktiken aus verschiedenen Kontexten mitbringen. Wir freuen wir uns ganz besonders auf ein facettenreiches OPENHAUS. Es werden Video-Installationen, Skulpturen, Grafiken und fotografische Werke zu sehen sein. Außerdem werden die Baufachfrauen ihre Pop-up-Werkstatt in dem Überseecontainer auf dem Gelände des ZK/U eröffnen.

Verpassen Sie nicht die Gelegenheit die KünstlerInnen der Residenz kennenzulernen und das ZK/U-Gebäude zu erkunden, Fragen zu stellen, zu diskutieren und Ideen zu laufenden Projekten und Kunstpraxis auszutauschen.

21. April  2016 von 19:00 bis 22:30 Uhr

ZK/U - Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Siemensstraße 27, 10551 Berlin

Eintritt: Frei

TeilnehmerInnen der ZK/U Residenz: Baufachfrauen, Maria Bilbao-Herrera, Cloud Chatanda, Anna-Maria Hällgren,  Gabriel Kanulf, Gemini Kim, Jennifer Rainsford, Diana Rangel, Hae-geun Seo.



Open Studios, Installations, Performances and Artist Talks

The OPENHAUS is a regular public format that takes place every month in ZK/U, inviting audiences to connect with the hosted projects and to explore the process of its residency programme.

This April we welcome different artists who bring along urban narratives and cultural practices from different contexts. We will have video-installations, sculptures, graphics and photographic pieces. Additionally the Baufachfrauen will open their Pop-up-Workshop in the overseas container at ZK/U. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the artists in residence and explore ZK/U’s space and surroundings, to ask questions, to discuss and to exchange ideas about ongoing projects and artistic practices.

21st of April 2016 from 7pm until 10.30 pm

ZK/U - Center for Art and Urbanistics, Siemensstraße 27, 10551 Berlin

Entrance: Free

Participating artists:  Baufachfrauen, Maria Bilbao-Herrera, Cloud Chatanda, Anna-Maria Helleren, Gabriel Kanulf, Gemini Kim, Jennifer Rainsford, Diana Rangel, Hae-geun Seo.





.hikk offensiv - Abfallvermeidung durch Wiederverwendung von Restholz

Restholz ist ein Werkstoff mit viel Potential - mit dem Projekt .hikk offensiv machen wir es zugänglich und nutzbar!

Im Jahr 2016 verwandelt sich ein Überseecontainer auf dem Gelände des ZK/U in Moabit in eine Pop-up-Werkstatt als Upcycling/Open Design-Station:

Hier wird Holz aus umliegenden Tischlereien gesammelt und auch verbaut - zu Mobiliar und Einrichtungsgegenständen für gemeinnützige Einrichtungen, mit den späteren NutzerInnen!

Über die Projektlaufzeit von 2 Jahren wollen wir

- Potentiale von Restholz sichtbar, zugänglich und nutzbar machen – z.B. für die sinnvolle Verwendung in sozialen Einrichtungen

-mit Open Design Werkstätten Orte des informellen Lernens aufbauen

-Leitfäden, Designideen und Bildungsmaterialien zur Restholzweiterverwendung entwickeln

-unsere Ideen und Ergebnisse in andere Städte tragen

-ein gutes und großes Netzwerk hikk – holz im kreativkreislauf aufbauen

Maria Bilbao & Diana Rangel


nodoCCS Video Art Retrieval Project

nodoCCS presents a selection of video-art pieces from Venezuela and the world from the 70's to early 2000´s redeemed through The nodoCCS Video Art Retrieval Project. A long term project that aims to recover and restore the archive from the Centro Documental of  one of the most important non profit art foundations in Venezuela, the Sala Mendoza, which has a collection of over 200 videotapes that have been constrained in VHS format for more than a decade, becoming to this day an obsolete archive.

The archive includes video-art pieces from Venezuelan renowned artists such as Javier Téllez, Alexander Gerdel, Sandra Vivas, Diana López, Carlos Julio Molina, Nascimiento/Lovera and  International Artists like Ana Mendieta, Marcel Odenbach, Steve Mcqueen and Juan Downey among others. In this opportunity, nodoCCS launches their first exhibition of this project at ZK/U Berlin with the collaboration of Iván Candeo, Venezuelan video-artist and research team member, for the selection of the videos. The works selected will reveal the historic contrast in culture that lays presently in the country, behaving like a diptych between simultaneous realities that coexist and react to each other.

In the future, the nodoCCS Video Art Retrieval Project intends to contribute to the historical and theoretical research of Venezuelan and International Video Art by generating a series of initiatives that include exhibitions and screenings, seminars and talks about the work on the collection and to create spaces for interchange and research in order to keep alive the link between renowned Venezuelan artists with the new generations to come.

Cloud Chatanda

Urban Narratives/Simulizi Mijini Project

"In the Urban Narratives/Simulizi Mijini project my work will focus on the struggle between people and the city. The problems of demolishing old historic buildings which give us our cultural heritage and replacing them with something new which does not suit or reflect the environment. The struggle to afford to stay in your home environment whether it is the city centre of Berlin or the Swahili coast of Tanzania. I want my work to remind people of these struggles and create a dialogue about ways to protect these environments and create ideas for affordable living spaces that reflects the culture of the place and peoples."

Anna Maria Hällgren


About time

If we consider humans as a geological force - which is suggested by those who argue that we live in a new, geological epoch - a number of critical questions must be asked. Among these are questions about time and about being part of a time that expands both behind and ahead of our present. In this project coexisting temporalities are being explored.

Gabriel Kanulf


Working title: Finding precise form in shadow

I am reading a story projected onto the city as reflections of the sun. My aim is to construct a hypergraphic writing system based upon this and retell this story through words and imagery. This is part of an ongoing research on visual symbols —and their potential to create spatialities— in public space. I place this research in the intersection of visual communication, art and urban research.

Gemini Kim

The Art of Preserving the Past

'There are no solids in the universe. There's not even a suggestion of a solid. There are no absolute continuums. There are no surfaces. There are no straight lines.'_ Buckminster Fuller. I am trying to preserve layers of isolated memories of the edge of the city.

Jennifer Rainsford

Work in Progress

I will show an underwater scene and transtitions to characters from an art documentary about the Pacific Ocean that I am working on.

Hae-geun Seo

Let's meet through the art

Major work for my recent works are fighter jets and war weapon. They are made of papers. And I created them thinking of the skins of things. Like a snake’s skin, the works imply another change and give us another fright. The planes and the weapon take their skins off on the floor of the exhibition hall, hide their substances under our surrounding, and try to transform themselves by using high scientific technology. The developed science and society make us smart and see the world through a small monitor, but also neglect the world without it. I hope my works give a chance to see the real. Human beings are dreaming the same dream and looking at each other’s form.