OPENHAUS 20/09/2013

For the Berlin Art Week, residents open their studio and present their current work.

With Erica Brisson, Jim Brunnestom and Jamila Drott, Alan Cunningham, Rodrigo Diaz Diaz and Elzemann Neves, Melanie Garland, Alexandra Handal, Felix Kalmenson, Jan Körbes, Ulrika Lublin, Stephen Motika, Raegan Truax, Kaori Yamashita

Friday 20th, 18-23h
18.-23.00 Raegan Truax's performance
18.00 Alan Cunningham: Reading from Sovereign Invalid
19.00 Alan Cunningham: Reading from Sovereign Invalid
19.00 Jim Brunnestom and Jamila Drott: Session 1: Presentation of the project inside the sculpture/sauna
20.00 Alan Cunningham: Reading from Sovereign Invalid
20.30 Jim Brunnestom and Jamila Drott: Session 2: Cleansing Ritual with Anne Dersén

Saturday 21st, 13-17h
13.-17.00 Raegan Truax's performance
14.00 Alan Cunningham: Reading from Sovereign Invalid
15.00 Alan Cunningham: Reading from Sovereign Invalid
16.00 Alan Cunningham: Reading from Sovereign Invalid
17.00 Alan Cunningham: Reading from Sovereign Invalid

Erica Brisson

Erica Brisson is a Toronto, Canada based visual artist. Her artistic work uses drawing and conversation as key conduits for exploring public space, communication, and intimacy. For Berlin Art Week, Erica will present A Moabit Inventory (Take Me with You), a social space where she will invite visitors to colour and mark up two diaries created while living in Berlin's Moabit neighborhood. These diaries will take the form of printed multiples, one from August 2012, and one from August 2013, one very public, and one very private.




Jim Brunnestom and Jamila Drott

On the terrace of the ZKU building, a sauna with a slightly different concept has been set up. The Sauna will be used as a meeting room and a venue for showing and talking about art, with the purpose of exploring how spatial intimacy can affect the creative experience. The artists will be in the sauna to talk about their project, and special guest, Swedish artist Anne Dersén will invite visitors to take part in a cleansing ritual. Bring your towel (and perhaps a small log for the fire)!!

19.00 Session 1: Presentation of the project inside the sculpture/sauna
20.30 Session 2: Cleansing Ritual with Anne Dersén

15.00 Presentation of the project inside the sculpture/sauna

Alan Cunningham

Alan Cunningham will be working in his studio and occasionally reading from his current text in progress, Sovereign Invalid.

On Fri, each reading will start on the hour, beginning at 18.00, last reading at 20.00.
On Sat, each reading will start on the hour, beginning at 14.00, last reading at 17.00
Each reading will last 10 minutes. "













Rodrigo Diaz Diaz and Elzemann Neves

THE SILENCE OF THE CITY or Ents.sorry.gung


A pulsing exciting city can be very silent, particularly when its sounds come from different phonetics. Venga. Entra. Desculpa. Entschuldigung.




Melanie Garland

Melanie Garland's work consists in building a reflexion about the process of the development and formation of the artistic work, understanding it as an evolutionary process, where the intention is the research, the experiments and mistakes, the constant movement, shaping a logic of "something" indeterminate.





Alexandra Handal

Alexandra Handal investigates the interface between storytelling cultures and mapping traditions, creating works that dissolve the boundaries between high and low art, documentary and poetry, the written and spoken, research and imagination. She explores the site of memory for what it can convey through its revelations as well as its limitations.






Felix Kalmenson

Three Monuments is a series of public intervention, which explore the process of discursive memorialization through counter-monuments to: memory, time, and permutation. They are decentralized, ephemeral, anti-monumental, mobile, in dialogue with time and degradation, resistant to politicization by the state and exploitation by real estate markets. Making use of facsimile, found objects, and the inversion of shared symbology Three Monuments permeates the quotidian and profound aspects of memory and landscape.












Jan Körbes


Experimental living concept in the context of mobile and dynamic architecture
Scheveningen, The Hague, Netherlands, realization March 2013
First Mobile Location Berlin-Moabit, Germany, July 2013

As a contraposition to the standard perception of architecture and as a reaction to a dynamic life as garbage architect and international 3D troubleshooter, I developed a dynamic and mobile living structure from a grain silo and a selection of local waste materials. Various simple but logical technical systems enable the  silo to be almost independent of civilization, e.g. the shower which works on 5 liter circulated water. In order to look from a different angle at the standard way of living, I started to live with my daughter in the experimental house, which we moved to Berlin at the end of july 2013. The 'silo city' project in Berlin questions the general dynamics in housing and public space, inviting contrasting groups of society to experience the other side of mobility and architecture, from doctors to lawyers, through workers and gardeners to politicians and musicians.

Ulrika Lublin

Work/installation in progress. There will possibly be a soft floor to walk on and a wobbly window to look through. Materials from the near-by area of Moabit. During my residency at ZK/U, I will seek out to do one or several site-specific installations and small interventions in and outside the studio, as a means to investigate the space. This will be part I, with more to come. Welcome.





Stephen Motika

80 Colors (after Louis Zukofsky)

Stephen Motika will create a sequence of 80 short poems in response to his first days as a resident at ZK/U and in Berlin. The sequence, inspired by Louis Zukofsky's "80 Flowers," will engage issues of color, urbanity, transience, love, sexuality, and death. Different constraints and writing practices will be utilized in the creation of each piece. Each poem will be written on a piece of Muji origami paper. During Friday evening open studios, the poems will be laid flat on table in Motika's studio, available for all to read. By Saturday afternoon, all the pieces of paper will be folded and installed throughout ZK/U and the neighboring park and garden. Visitors are invited to take these poems home with them, and thus, the installation of poems will be dispersed throughout Berlin.





Raegan Truax

i made this trip to spill my guts

A woman sits in a chair with her eyes closed. She extends her neck toward the sound of your shoes clicking against the pavement as you walk near her. She is bound at the wrists and ankles. A small sign to her right reads please open my eyes. What will you do? Touch her face? Sing in her ear? Walk away?

Created in Berlin to consider and reflect on how time is inhabited in the city, Raegan’s new work experiments with a series of corporeal acts, which require time and interaction to create the performance in the live moment. The duration of the performance becomes as unpredictable as the bodies and intimate encounters that occur, altering the performance space and the body of the performer with each passing minute.

Kaori Yamashita

The moment I capture an ordinary daily life as an image of the world, the joints supporting daily life begin to wobble; connections between objects start to collapse.  

The uncertainties of contemporary societies gives me an impetus to make art and the traces of my hands suggest a fall and space becomes a material that should be shaken or be deprived of a form. I think that the role of art includes the presentation of such a fall or space distorted by a kind of undulation for viewers.