OPENHAUS 20/07/2017

Photo from June's OPENHAUS. Credits: Claudia Zanaga

OPENHAUS - open studios, installations and resident talks

The OPENHAUS is a regular public format that takes place every month in ZK/U, inviting audiences to connect with the hosted projects and to explore the process of its residency program.

In July ZK/U opens all the residency studio doors for you to dive into the artistic explorations about the future of our socio-political spheres. Experimental installations and performances touching upon diverse phenomenons such as Anarcho-Feminism, activist movements, unwaged labor at home and labor rights will encourage us to imagine alternative channels for activist practices. Works questioning the developments in digital tools and open source systems will lead us to explore visions for the possible transformation of the individual and collective inhabitant in urban contexts.

By engaging with the installations, discussions and performances during the OPENHAUS, visitors will have the chance to participate and contribute to the ongoing projects in ZK/U.

Participating Artists: The Bite Back Movement, Rebecca Beinart, Lamis Haggag, Kat Henry, Nathalie Wuerth, Jennis Li Cheng Tien, Lore Smolders, Marina Reyes Franco, Jan van Esch, Ephrem Solomon, Haeyoung Seo, Mobasher Niqui, Lars Zimmermann (as Artist at the Ständige Vertretung!)

19:00 - 22:30 Open studios, installations & delicious food
20:00 Guided tour
21:00 Performance by Kat Henry "Jesus! Live! Here! Tonight!"

The project Ständige Vertretung! is financed by the Senate Department of Culture

Ephrem Solomon and Jan van Esch


Let Me Dress You

Ephrem Solomon and Jan van Esch are currently collaborating on a new series that questions development aid and the concept of reciprocity from Europe to Africa by looking at donations of second hand clothes and they will be representing their work in progress in July’s OPENHAUS at ZK/U. The collaboration is called GraceFruit and this work in progress also will be shown in Dar es Salaam and New York at the end of this year.

Kat Henry


Jesus! Live! Here! Tonight! (Spinning)

is a durational performance in which a group of performers spin on the spot continuously for one hour, to specifically-composed music. This piece has been performed previously in Canberra and Melbourne in Australia, and forms part of Kat Henry's ongoing research into extreme physical endurance and long durational performance. Composition is by Brett Harris.

Haeyoung Seo


42 days in Berlin

In this OPENHAUS, Haeyoung Seo shows her daily impressions and feelings about experiences of 42days in Berlin that she has been staying for 3months residency. There are experiments and attempts of sculptures and various materials reflecting the environments surrounding her. It is on-going project that will be finished at the end of ZK/U Residency.

Lore Smolders


'Touch for fortune'

is a work about tourist conventions in relation to war history in Berlin. "My observations consist of drawings, notes, photographs and deal with concepts as wall, stone, memorial, trace, souvenir, statue,.. in order to envision a new way of guiding.

In addition to this work in progress, I show a book made in 2015 'Enter', which describes the action of entering a prison, a space with many codes of conduct evoking a disciplined repetition of acts."

Rebecca Beinart


Urban Antibodies

is a long-term research project that imagines the city as a living organism, looking at sites of toxicity and vulnerability, healing and care - with a focus on plant knowledge and medicine. During her time at ZKU, Rebecca is researching into the development of pharmaceutical drugs based on plants, and sites connected to the collection, categorisation and processing of plant material. For OPENHAUS, Rebecca will be sharing research-in-progress and experiments with Gin and Tonic.


Jennis Li Cheng Tien


Open Studio

Jennis Li Cheng Tien will open her studios door for visitors of OPENHAUS July with the following past works on display: A showcase of three social sculpture projects (3D Prints, Photography, 2010 & 2012 & 2016), Drive-in-Flohmarkt (Biedenkopf, Germany), Sculptural Grill (Berlin), Emanare (Singapore), Heatwave (Installation, 2014).

Lars Zimmermann


The City Is Open Source

Exhibition of Lars Zimmermann's Work In Progress & Open Studio questioning “How will the Open Source Circular City be (feel, look) like and how do we get there?”

thecityisopensource.de | larszimmermann.de

Lamis Haggag


How do I look on paper?

is a critical project that rejects evaluating people based on their write-ups and documents. In the process of applying for visas, exhibitions, residencies, jobs or immigration, you are judged based on how you appear to be on paper. Whoever processes your documents does not know you as a person. They do not know your history, likes, dislikes and they certainly do not identify with you as an individual; your whole life is reduced to a pile of paper and your future is decided upon it.

Lamis Haggag is inviting the audience to examine the process involved in her work-in-progress project ‘How do I look on paper?’

The Bite Back Movement


The Birds Who Stay Still

Fear is delivered on the back of a dead bird. "The Birds Who Stay Still" is a memorial to all of the fledgling birds who fall to their death upon their first flight from the roof of ZK/U. The installation site itself is a transitory place, marking boundaries of National and international movement; an artist residency, an abandoned train station, a boundary between East and West Germany. But these birds who fall down so young will never experience flight, and in their short lives I am reminded of the East Germans who worked in this West German train station, knowing that they could escape into West Germany, but choosing to stay still day after day. This piece will be attached to the roof of ZK/U's facade from July 2017.

Nathalie Wuerth


What did You Do All Day

Based on ideas around refusal of work, the work takes inspiration from the feminist movement around the Wages Against Housework Campaign. Forms of visualization and sonification have been tried out in order to lift and frame the question around the unwaged labor done in the home.

Marina Reyes Franco


B-Roll [Sofía Gallisá Muriente (Puerto Rico)]

Video collage of images produced by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company and the Department of Economic Development and Commerce of Puerto Rico; Music and sound mix by DJ Daniel Montes.

Cruise-r [Irene de Andrés (Ibiza)]



Series of photos and videos taken during Marina Reyes Franco's residency and travels mainly referencing the preconceived notions of tropicality present in popular culture. This is a par of her ongoing research into the tourism industry and the construction of the idea of the tropical, the Caribbean and the concepts of paradise/fiscal paradise.

Mobasher Niqui


Leave Me My (Temple)hof

"The work will be part of the open studio in course of my research, looking into the collectively shared spaces and entities in the city of Berlin that introduce alternative architectural forms and functions. I would look into the informal and also regulated patterns and procedures in certain modes of communing that counteract the city’s recent and seemingly heavy transformations."