OPENED HAUS // March 2021

(c) Gabriel Vallecillo Márquez, 2021

ZK/U BerlinSiemensstr. 27, 10551, Berlin, Germany

On the 4th of March, as soon as the sun goes down, the frontal facade of ZK/U Berlin will be illuminated by the light of a projector. As it is still impossible to open the doors of the ZK/U residency to the audience, ZK/U Berlin and its residents have turned to Gabriel Vallecillo Màrquez, a former ZK/U resident, and his guerilla-projection magazine Gargantua to turn the building of ZK/U Berlin inside out: with projections of the residents’ personal artworks, ongoing projects and site specific materials that have been mapped to fit the facade of the building.

Therefore, instead of inviting people to connect with the artists-in-residence as would be the case in a regular OPENHAUS, the house will be opened in a more metaphorical sense through a projection onto the historic brickwork of the former freight station. The collective work doesn’t want to express and deliver any strong messages, it rather aims to be an open sentence, a question mark for the audience that passes through the public park and crosses the architecture during the walk.  What is going on inside the building? How does it feel to live there? What are the artistic projects the residents are currently working on?

The projection on the main facade of ZK/U Berlin will be visible to anyone from Siemensstraße, and especially to those heading into the park, for about one hour. Additionally, a live stream will be available on ZK/U’s website and social media. With the ongoing pandemic in mind, ZK/U Berlin strongly suggests the audience to enjoy the projection from home. The park, as all public greens, remains open.

Participating artists: Alper Aydin, Tom Bogaert, Milena Bonilla, Kate Chen, Copyleft (Mano Leyrado), Leman Sevda Daricioglu, Chris Kondek, Jules van den Langenberg, Isabella Nardon, Brad Nath, Alice Pedroletti